With ACTIVA, you can DETECT and control threats, identify opportunities to make informed tactical, operational and strategic decisions- all in an effort to reduce inefficiencies and operational costs.

What is ACTIVA?

ACTIVA is a technology platform developed by RGC, an expert in risk management and process improvement. Our real-time business intelligence tool integrates with insurance providers and their information systems to give you optimal visiblity .

3 Reasons Why to Use ACTIVA:

Simple integration with

insurance companies

incorporating different modules,

facilitating health services


Allows easy, real-time access to a single

information source, detecting

weak processes and

automation possibilities.

Immediate online access

with the highest security

standards, offering a safe, reliable

experience that’s scalable according 

to the needs of each business.

ACTIVA helps you to:

Generate management reports based on Business Intelligence (BI).

Compare deviations in average costs of the network providers.

Perform data mining to build descriptive models.

Detail the behavior and follow-up to critical cases.

Analyze your historical information to predict behaviors.

With ACTIVA, you can:


Data in drop-down information on control boards.


See all of the variables related to patients and medical accounts.


Real-time accounts, zero paper strategy.


Behaviors, deviations, cost overruns and operation advances.


Timely patient entries or an event occurrence.


Management with great detail and traceability.

The strength of ACTIVA in numbers:


Connected by month


of supports (6 Terabytes)


Invoices registered in the system

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